Language Arts Grade 8

Requirements: All 8th grade students.

Students will learn to become proficient and confident readers, writers, speakers, and listeners. Language Arts skills are integrated with the genre and themes in various novels and short stories. In eighth grade, students will learn and understand various skills at a grade appropriate level in the following areas: composition, grammar, vocabulary, and literature. In composition, the students will write persuasive, personal, descriptive and causal essays. Poetry and the writing of a research paper will also be completed. In the students’ writing, they will utilize the writing process of prewriting, writing, revising, proofreading and publishing. The students will learn grammar, usage and mechanics, including quotations and ellipsis, pronouns, clauses, and sentence structure. In vocabulary, the words are selected from the stories read and integrated into the Language Arts instruction. And finally, in the literature portion of the course, the student will read the different genres of short stories, poetry and plays.

Literature 8

Requirements: All 8th grade students must take one quarter of Literature 8.

Literature is a one-quarter long class in which students will analyze the themes of courage, prejudice, determination, and survival. Activities that students will engage in are: class discussion, composition, vocabulary usage, projects and presentations.