There is a rich tradition of musical study and performance.  Whether you are a long-time musician or just starting out in your music study, we have a course for you.  Come make music with friends now, and enjoy your musical memories for life.

Course Summary

Grade: 10-12
Prerequisites: None
Explore music fundamentals through digital music composition.  Learn about music fundamentals like melody, harmony, form, texture, and expression while creating musical projects using Garageband.  This course meets five days a week in the Mac Lab (226).  
No musical performance or piano experience necessary.

Course Summary

Requirements: Completion of Digital Music I, or consent of instructor.

The purpose of Digital Music II is to continue building skills and awareness in creating, recording, and editing digital music. Increased emphasis will be placed on recording sounds using handheld digital records, building fundamental musical skills (keyboard, melody, harmony, form, rhythm, and expressive elements).  

Students will use a mixture of software tools including Logic Express, Garageband, Audacity, iMovie, and online beat-boxing programs.

This course takes place in the Mac Lab (224) and requires the students to do work in the Mac development environment.